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Fact, Fiction, and Fantasy

on books, writing, magic, swords, and occasionally real life.

26 March
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I was raised on a farm in Montana, where I developed a love of dogs and cats and horses and gardening (or at least reaping the fruits thereof) and being in a beautiful rural community.

I adore school and learning in general, and am now at college, which is my favorite place ever (besides home). College seems scarily close to leaving the educational system, though I do plan to go to grad school, so I'm trying to make the most of it. I plan to major in English and Music, and am passionate about both subjects. What I'll do with my education I'm not quite certain, but I hope to go into teaching at some point.

I consider myself friendly, outgoing, exuberant, intellectual (hopefully not in an overbearing way), optimistic, geeky (unapologetically), somewhat idealistic, and creative. If I were asked to sum up my personality in one judgment, I would say I'm good at expressing myself, as that explains everything from my writing to my music to my garrulous nature. Whether all these descriptive words are true is up for debate, but that's at least how I view my positive side (my negatives I won't bother to describe, as it seems both a pointless and depressing exercise).

So, hi! That's a lot, and if you read it, thank you. I'm glad you're interested.